Lou Angelwolf's Howlin' Good Hot Sauce

...the quiet champion on most any bill of fare.

Over the years Lou has four-walled his own shows, produced various events and developed his own brand of merchandise.Lou has expanded his horizons beyond the stage. His latest project is a delicious endeavor, introducing... "Lou Angelwolf's Howlin' Good Hot Sauce"!

He is currently expanding his distribution for the product but for those who are looking for a bottle or a case you can order it online.

  • It is awesome with breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • It compliments eggs, vegetables and meats without overpowering the natural flavor.
  • It is also perfect with snacks or by itself on chips or crackers. 
  • It has a "smoky-thai-sweet" flavor that is often irresistible. 
  • Many of my fans just "LOVE IT", and it is Certified "TOTALLY DIGGABLE",says Lou.
  • To really jazz up your favorite barbeque grill session, open up the HOWLIN' GOOD and let it flow!
  • Be sure and order several or a case.
  • Great to keep around and it makes a unique gift TOO!