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With the proliferation of the internet and creative distribution networks, Lou has found a great place to put some of his most profound, ridiculous and heart felt ideas.

Working with some of his biggest buddies from the comedy world, he is currently developing his own online COMEDY COMMENTARY PORTALS and creative media partnerships. He always wanted to find a home for not only his personal perspectives but also build a cool media sandbox, so he can invite his friends to come over and play 'til the street lights go off.


TOTALLY DIGGABLE - Lou Angelwolf's Clearinghouse of Cool is Lou's happy place!

"Not to say these are the only cool things I have encountered in my life but these are ''some'' of the cool things I have noticed, experienced or happened into. There are beautiful and interesting places, incredible music and most of all enchanting people I would like to introduce or re-introduce to you.  Maybe I saw something you didn't , or perhaps you know something I don't.  Please, feel free to share and reply and comment on any of it." - Lou Angelwolf


A Groove Cat Deluxe is a man.
A man of distinct character.
There is no exact type, look or style but a man of unique qualities.
He can be brave, quiet, smart or just plain sensible.
He can be tall ,short, thick or thin.
You can't exactly put your finger on what defines a "Groove Cat Deluxe"
but when you encounter him you will know.
He may not be a movie star, but he can be.
He may not be an incredible athlete, but he could be.
He doesn't need to possess great intelligence, but he might.
A Groove Cat Deluxe is a little tough to define but easy to understand. 
As you review the Groove Cat Deluxe gallery, we think you will figure it out.

COMING SOON ... a creative collection of the classic memories, merchandise and merriment from the Honorary Groove Cats' personal collections.