who is well known for his ability to connect with a wide range of audiences and give them the show they came to see.   Bit by bit, he is the master of laughter and a true comic professional.

He's been given the gift of making people laugh, sharing it with a beam of insight and spirit with branches of common sense and social commentary. All wrapped in the far reaching vine of eclecticism pruned with irony, dichotomy and observation mixed with, of course, the occasional fart joke.

Lou Angelwolf's  comedy reflects a life full of observational twists, personal experiences and viewpoint not often shared.  Well-liked by his peers and audience members alike, he truly enjoys his work and it shows.

Lou Angelwolf has no problem taking control of his audience by using his commanding stage presence and resonant voice to deliver a unique positive perspective on daily life. Working with over four hours worth of edited standup comedy material no two shows are ever identical. Since 1983, Lou has performed nearly 5000 shows in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. His reputation precedes him as one of the most reliable and entertaining professionals in comedy.