A Broadcaster...

who as a young lad, sitting in the middle of the big front seat of mother's '49 Mercury Coupe, loved those big shiny chrome speakers filling the car with music and the voices of those groovy Disc Jockeys. Later, in a 10th grade report entitled ''What I want to be when I grow up" Lou cited a career on the radio and he's been committed to making it happen every since.

Although discouraged by high school guidance counselors in favor of learning a trade, or sales or the future of '' amazing world of Plastics", Lou kept dreaming. Fast forwarding will find Lou many years later on the mic as a supporting role on the wildly popular Ron & Ron Radio Network where he was known as ''Large Lou" for many years. This experience gave Lou an incredible insight on the hundreds of radio promotions he performed as a touring comedian, always enjoying the opportunity to share his humor over the radio waves.

Later Lou partnered with fellow comedian Kevin Rogers to produce the trendsetting "Inside Joke Show". Their innovative format became the template for many comedy-driven radio shows heard today.He's gone on to host specialty shows and continues to work toward his radio aspirations as a founding contributor to the "BIG PICTURE RADIO" network, as the host of the upcoming daily show  " Totally Diggable Lou Angelwolf's - Clearinghouse of Cool" and as co-host of a new TV broadcast magazine.