Actor / Voice Talent

Over his career Lou has taken some acting jobs. 

He has exceeded the expectations of clients, directors and audiences alike when he indulges this pursuit. From radio voiceovers to film roles, Lou is prepared, professional and extremely proficient at delivering a performance or relaying a message, no matter the medium.

{youtube}bpGrH3BHDfQ{/youtube}  Lou had a great time working with his friend Maurice Jovan on his innovative short film  "La Famiglia" and looks forward to once again stretching his thespian muscles so if you need a creative radio commercial, an authenthic "Tough Guy" or anything you think he can pull off, drop him a note. He's up for it.VOICE OVER DEMO{mp3}voicedemo{/mp3}

Host / MC / Auctioneer

His ability to guide an event through its course and "move the show along" at a pleasant pace adds a very professional touch to any gathering.

"I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for your hilarious performance... On such an important night, the quality of the entertainment is a very important ingredient to insure a good time for everyone... I thought it particularly skillful the way you played to the audience's enjoyment... I also want to commend you on your level of professionalism... Thank you again Lou, for being so wonderful to work with and for bringing so much pleasure to our clients and employees. You are terrific."    SMRT Architectural Engineering Planning
"Utility executives aren't know to have great senses of humor but you succeeded in doing the impossible by making all of them laugh. Some even loosened their ties! I've heard nothing but positive comments about all of your shows... I would wholeheartedly recommend you for any corporate function."  Florida Power

Tastefully funny on all occasions, invite Lou Angelwolf to be your ''Host with the Most". As an Emcee, he has a cool presence in a roomful of strangers and soon to be friends. Lou brings a special flavor to your Auction or Fund Raiser.   His delivery is never too hurried, so that things are forgotten and he certainly does not let things drag along.  Possessing a "sober Dean Martin-esque" quality, Lou makes sure everyone has a good time. 

When your event calls for an Auctioneer, Lou Angelwolf is a refreshing original choice. 

As a graduate of Florida Auctioneer Academy, Class of 1999,  he has the skills to help make your event profitable. The power of humor and laughter will make Lou's bidding process more fun than the people expected.  His funny observations throughout the process make any event more fun and interesting.  The big advantage to having Lou bring his Auctioneering Services is he can find the bid, he can pull the  money and he can tickle their funny bone , all before the fall of the gavel.

Corporate Events:

  • Budweiser Distributors
  • Pepsi Cola Inc.
  • Coca Cola Inc.
  • Ford Lincoln Mercury Dealer Group
  • Chrysler Parts Division
  • Chili's Bar and Grill Regional Conference
  • Harley Owners Group
  • Florida Power (Duke Energy)
  • National Auto Dealers Association
  • and many

    Charity Events:

  • Comic Relief for the Homeless
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Half-Time Program for Aids Research
  • American Cancer Society - Tampa Stadium
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • United Cerebral Palsy Association
  • National Kidney Foundation Surf Classic
  • Toys for Tots
  • Hunter Blood Center
  • American Diabetes Association
  • and many more


Founding member of Disciples of Comedy with Ron Bennington,Jeff Apploff, C.D. LaBove, Jimmy Shubert,Ralph Williams, Mitchell Walters, Alan Stephan,Dan Carlson and Warren Durso.


  • Tupperware Auditorium - Orlando, Florida - New Years Eve Show - SOLD OUT
  • Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall - Fort Meyers FL - SOLD OUT
  • Sarasota Opera House - Sarasota, FL - SOLD OUT
  • Florida Theater - Jacksonville, FL - SOLD OUT
  • Bob Carr Auditorium - Orlando, FL - SOLD OUT

 Written Special Projects For:

  • Comedy Central
  • Tom Rhodes' Viva Vietnam
  • Joe Piscopo Productions
  • Donna Summer's Las Vegas Show
  • Arts & Entertainment Channel

A Broadcaster...

who as a young lad, sitting in the middle of the big front seat of mother's '49 Mercury Coupe, loved those big shiny chrome speakers filling the car with music and the voices of those groovy Disc Jockeys. Later, in a 10th grade report entitled ''What I want to be when I grow up" Lou cited a career on the radio and he's been committed to making it happen every since.

Although discouraged by high school guidance counselors in favor of learning a trade, or sales or the future of '' amazing world of Plastics", Lou kept dreaming. Fast forwarding will find Lou many years later on the mic as a supporting role on the wildly popular Ron & Ron Radio Network where he was known as ''Large Lou" for many years. This experience gave Lou an incredible insight on the hundreds of radio promotions he performed as a touring comedian, always enjoying the opportunity to share his humor over the radio waves.

Later Lou partnered with fellow comedian Kevin Rogers to produce the trendsetting "Inside Joke Show". Their innovative format became the template for many comedy-driven radio shows heard today.He's gone on to host specialty shows and continues to work toward his radio aspirations as a founding contributor to the "BIG PICTURE RADIO" network, as the host of the upcoming daily show  " Totally Diggable Lou Angelwolf's - Clearinghouse of Cool" and as co-host of a new TV broadcast magazine.


Loutopia is more than a podcast. Comedian Lou Angelwolf has created a parallel multiverse, in which you can find the peace you're looking for. Along with Hypnotherapist Beth Snyder, Lou brings you all the latest spiritual and meta-physical help you could ever need. Lou has many friends in this place called Loutopia.

In the first half of his podcast he welcomes close friends and world famous comedians. His guests have included Comedians Tom Rhoades and Brian Regan. Lou was a touring comedian for years and his friends are all full of great stories and experiences.

The second half of the podcast welcomes Lou's cohost , certified hypnotherapist Beth Snyder. Together they'll help you navigate the muddy water that is life. So sit back, relax and let the positive energy flow right through you. It's all for your health and well being.